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JE Artworks
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JE Artworks -- because at least we're better than the costume designers
About JE Artworks
Welcome to JE Artworks! You can share your artworks of your favorite (or not) JE guys here. It doesn't matter if it's done digitally or traditionally; it can even be a work in progress.
Rules and Guidelines
General Rules

· BE NICE. (aka don't flame) Do not flame artwork, artists, groups, JE members, etc. Just don't flame, ok? This includes flaming through artwork. There is a difference between flaming and critiquing. Also, when giving critiques, it would be nice to mention a few positive aspects of the artwork rather than just spouting off negatives (we all like to hear compliments~).
· If you know that you are very sensitive to critiques (or you just don't want critiques for that drawing), please say so. We don't want to hurt your feelings, but we'd like to help you improve as well. And if you want harsh critiques, it would be nice to mention that as well.
· Obviously, since this is JE Artworks, posts must be JE related.
· Tag your posts! Simple. The tag list can be found on the sidebar.
· Only fanart and photo manipulations are allowed in this community. NO GRAPHICS. This includes icons, banners, and wallpaper. Graphics will only be accepted if they consist of original art.
· Photo manipulations must show effort. We don't want people randomly slapping together parts of bodies messily. That is a graphic, not an artwork.

Posting Rules

· Mature works (rated R+) MUST be locked.
· Previews are more than welcome, but make sure they aren't big. They ARE previews after all.
· Post all fanworks under an lj-cut. Fake-cuts are allowed, BUT the entry that you link to must be PUBLIC.
· Do not steal other people's artworks. Art theft leads to being permanently banned. What is considered to be art theft? Please look at the bottom of this post.

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