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JE Artworks
Tags & Art theft 
11th-Nov-2007 04:19 pm
Kame - Peace <3
Please use as many tags as your artwork(s) applies to. Some terms might confuse some people so I'm posting what each of them mean here. You don't need to read this if you already understand the terms in the tags.

.digital - All digitally done works whether it's a sketch or painting. This means that it is done on computer with a tablet or mouse.

.fanart - All drawings/paintings/etc of the guys. This is pretty much anything that isn't a photo manipulation.

.photomanipulation - And this is for the photo manips. I think this is self-explanatory.

.traditional - All traditionally done works whether it's a sketch or painting. This means it was done by hand and whatever your media is (pastel, pencil, etc). If it wasn't done on a computer, it's probably traditional art.

group: _____ - Pretty self-explanatory I think. Which group(s) are featured in your art?

pairing: _____ - What pairings are featured in your art? Tags will be made for more popular pairings.

status: finished - Any finished artwork

status: wip - "Work in progress". Post WIPs if you want critiques before you move on, or if you want to show the steps you took to finish a big piece. We're expecting you to post the finished product if you show us a WIP. ;)

style: anime/manga - All works done in an anime/manga style. Cartoon would fit here also.

style: realism - All works done in a realistic style. If your artwork is semi-realistic choose whether it is more realistic or more anime/manga.

type: cg/colored - All colored works both digital and traditional. If you get permission from an artist to color their lineart, your finished product would go under here.

type: lineart - All lineart both digital and traditional.

type: quick sketch - Sketches both digital and traditional. These are works of art you probably wouldn't consider the best they could be. An example would be figure drawings.

Now, art theft. This includes tracing of any kind. Vectors, paintings, etc must be done on your own. Eyeballing and copying a photograph is one thing, but tracing or directly painting over a picture is another. If I overlay your drawing to the actual photo, they should NOT match. The chances of you being able to copy so precisely is close to zero. If you somehow have this ability, I suggest you get some WIP images to prove yourself.
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